Shoot Days: 22
Locations:  8
                            4 Interior - 33% of Scenes
                            4 Exterior - 66% of Scenes
Production Dates: Spring or Fall 2023


Nature vs. (Wo)man

The desert is a tough environment where small errors and poor planning can have life-ending consequences. 

Can Annie survive with only her day-pack contents, her rusty outdoor skills and her unreliable memory? 

Scientific Pursuit

Science is a noble pursuit, but scientists, like other humans, are a flawed population.

Annie's battle for scientific recognition and academic tenure highlights how prejudice and inertia within the scientific community can hinder scientific progress.

Age of Elder Care

One out of ten Americans over the age of 65 suffers from dementia. 

This story humanizes the impact of dementia on family, friends, and caretakers as they fight  the unwinnable war  between respecting the autonomy of their loved one versus keeping them safe.